Making the Filler Episode Work: “Magic 2.0”

Magic 2.0 is a series where I feel at home. It’s one of those things where you’re so familiar with a set of characters and a particular setting that it just makes you happy to immerse yourself in that world. In large part, this is because of the amazing work of Luke Daniels, who narrates the audio versions of the novels, but that’s a post for another day. Continue reading “Making the Filler Episode Work: “Magic 2.0””

Episode 2 – Regular Old Finger Sucking: A Conversation About “Harlots”

Jen and Rachel talk about the first season of the Hulu original series, Harlots. Topics include (but are not limited to) the role of women in history, the fight for power, regaining agency, and eating pomegranate seeds.

First half is spoiler free, second half is spoiler filled.

The Critical Role of not Spoiling Your Friends

This blog post does not contain spoilers of any kind.

This week’s blog post was originally going to be a follow-up to my Riverdale post.

However, another show I watch has plagued my thoughts and emotions for this past week.

If you watch Geek and Sundry’s D&D web series, Critical Role, you know that show is so much more than what it says on the tin. Also, if you are up to date, you probably know why I haven’t been able to shake out of this vague emotional stupor. Continue reading “The Critical Role of not Spoiling Your Friends”

The Circle: For Millennials! About Millennials! By… Old People?

When I first saw the trailer for The Circle, I was intrigued. I didn’t necessarily think it was going to be an Oscar-worthy film, but I thought it could end up being a fun way to kill a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon.

It didn’t take long for me to become disappointed with the movie. Not only was The Circle chock full of themes and buzzwords intended to lure in millennial viewers, as I sat through all of the poorly acted character interactions and painfully obvious opinions about millennial lifestyles, I started to feel like I’d had this experience before.

It felt like a grouchy, skeptic, and right-wing uncle was trying to lecture me about how kids these days are ruining their lives with social media. Continue reading “The Circle: For Millennials! About Millennials! By… Old People?”