Episode 25 – You Gotta Have that D*ck to Rule a Country: a Critique of A Christmas Prince

As Christmas draws nearer, Rachel and Jen celebrate by torturing themselves with a Christmas movie neither of them enjoyed very much at all: Netflix’s A Christmas Prince. Amidst their discussion of scattered plots and poorly executed romance, Rachel has a break down about the implausible politics of the film. In their frustration, the two discuss how they would choose to rewrite the film. Sadly, there still aren’t any aliens.

Episode 24 – It’s Almost Worse Hearing Them: Detailing Three Holiday Romance Movies

Rachel and Jen are back just in time for the holiday season! Listen to Jen, a genuine fan of the genre, recount three holiday romance movies she’s watched this year (A Christmas Inheritance, The Holiday Calendar, and Christmas in the Smokies). While Rachel remains in a constant state of horror, they discuss alternative plot points, (un)satisfying romance dynamics, predictable tropes, and Jen’s breakdown over a handsome man.